Black seed oil (Nigella Sativa) for hair growth

Black seeds (also known as black onion seeds, kalaunji in Hindi and Nigella Sativa as the scientific name)have been used for it's medicinal properties for centuries and I figured I ought to try it myself. Luckily, there was a bottle of black seed oil at home, so I could start using it immediately. The oil sure has a strong smell, but nothing unpleasant. I like the crunchiness and flavour of kalaunji seeds anyway, when used on buns and paranthas.

I also came across its uses for growing strong, healthy and shiny hair. So I've just started using it for the first time, by massaging it on to my scalp and leaving it on. It seemed to cause a tingling sensation as soon as I applied it, unlike any other oil I've used. So I really hope it works.

I'll keep up with this routine and will post of updates, about whether it's working or not.

To healthy, strong hair!

Update (6th October, 2010) - I used the oil topically for a few days and then began taking a teaspoon with honey. I must've used this for some 2-3 weeks, but to no avail. It could be that I didn't keep up with the routine for a period, long enough to see results.

In any case, this didn't work for my hair growth, although I'm certain having a teaspoon of black seed oil with pure honey everyday is as healthy as healthy can get! 


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